About Me

My Introduction

Born in 1984. I, Moina Malik is a contemporary Pakistani artist who has studied Art History (Masters in Art & Design). My artistry and the rich manifestation of flowers twig on the edge, erupting with bright color and loaded with thickly applied textural tint. Flowers, to me, are synonymy of life. My brushstrokes are stratified with my own internal emotions, depicting hope, sanity, and more.


An artist dips his brush in his soul and paints his own nature into his paintings.

-Henry Ward Beecher

My Work

My colour selection is a portrayal of my emotions for love, compassion, dignity, anger, frustration, joy, sensitivity, vulnerability, fear, and much more!

My Magic Wand

The textures created through each brushstroke I make represents how these emotions have deeply touched my soul. Each Artwork is a reflection of individuality.


The artwork had been exhibited widely at homeland and abroad, notably including Art Market Izmir, Turkey, and Nomad Art Gallery Islamabad, Pakistan.

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