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Top 10 Reasons Why We Need Art Galleries In Islamabad

Art galleries, without any question, hold a distinct role in today’s culture. In general, a fine art gallery may offer an open, eye-pleasing area where visitors may examine and enjoy art. Many individuals, especially in an educational environment, get confused by the purpose of visiting art galleries. People frequently regard galleries as tedious, difficult to comprehend, and a waste of valuable educational time. In Pakistan, there is a dire need for more art galleries. In this article, I will discuss why do we need art galleries in Islamabad.

1. Art Galleries Help Develop Emotional Intelligence Through Real Experience

Mountain painting

It’s the crux of the issue. If you allow art to transform you, you will let the entire universe of creativity change you as a person. I’m not making this up. I’ve become – if I do say so myself – smart, sharper, warmer, free, more tolerant and thoughtful, and more at peace, not to mention more creative since I’ve started collecting, visiting galleries, conversing with artists, and viewing so much art.

Just give it a go. If you can, go to a gallery or perhaps a museum once a month. You’ll see what I mean. I feel there’s a clear link between the loss of arts instruction in schools today and society’s snarkiness, cynicism, anger, and far too frequently wretchedness. It’s our way that we have lost. We may, however, reconnect with each other and increase values. The art galleries and art are not all the end, but they symbolize one road back to completeness. Yes, it looks like an over-exaggeration, but try again and see.

2. They Spark Creativity

Abstract painting in a art gallery in Islamabad

Creative expression in the arts is vital for youngsters as natural and developing as fresh air and sunshine. Through Arts, children may learn to discover and imagine, create and solve problems. You are the most IMPORTANT teacher of your child, as a parent. You may establish thinking skills that are enduring for your youngster through your talks. There is only a visit to art galleries to increase your creativity. You can visit them regularly when you wish to express your creative energies. I don’t know how this works, but it’s osmosis-like. You are a lot more creative while being near art and around creative individuals. Don’t get hooked on HOW. Just make use of your new process. Have confidence in this one for me.

3. Looking At Art In Galleries Creates Conflicting Opinions

A woman staring at a painting in an art gallery in Islamabad

You will often find yourself in discord, even if you go to galleries alone. Many artists are unable to polarise audiences, and they frequently pull your heartstrings in opposing directions using methods such as “indetermination.”

These conflicts are ideal for memory, for you recall how you felt at a deeper level gazing at the picture. There will be even more fascinating internal dialogues that encode longer-term memories as well.

If you want to assist yourself in recalling more, right before you sleep following a visit to the gallery, maintain a notebook of contradictory ideas. It is because memories consolidate through the night before you go to sleep. According to some research,
the closer you go to bed, the more likely your brain is to blend knowledge into a lasting memory.

4. Meditation

Visiting An art gallery if you are in Islamabad because it is a type of meditation

Art is a way of meditation for me. Visiting art galleries transports you and clears your mind like nothing else. I believe it is best to go to galleries alone or with a friend who is an artist. I get essay ideas or even come up with answers for problems in my life when I’m alone and gazing at art in galleries. The majority of the time, it’s a moment to commune with creation.

I’ve been to galleries with artist pals, and there’s nothing quite like that. It’s as if you’re getting a private education. Artists can see things that art historians and other specialists are unable to. When you visit galleries with artists, you get a glimpse into the creative process. It is both meditative and enjoyable. The wonderful sensation of tranquility and wholeness is frequently restored in art galleries. 

5. Art Galleries in Islamabad Will Support The Artists

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Galleries play several roles, both visible and invisible: they incubate and support their artists, often going above and beyond the ordinary work of putting on shows, promoting their artists, and selling their work; and they provide services such as financial management or book publishing to help their artists focus more fully on their work. Especially if we are talking about Islamabad, there are few art galleries where the artists can display their work and earn. Moina Malik Art Studio, Ejaz Art Gallery, Gallery 6 are a some of those few art galleries in Islamabad where artists display their work. Most of the artists can’t even make enough money to support their families.

So, If the government promotes and gives incentives to the gallery owner, then it will not only help the local artists of Islamabad, but the entire country’s artists can display their work and make a decent living out of it.

6. Students Will get to Experience Art Outside of Their Screens

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In a world where children spend more than six hours a day glued to a screen, the value of taking children to museums is self-evident. There is something extraordinary about showing children textile artworks when they are learning with digitally-oriented curricula.

Students can examine the painting textures up close, the drapery dangling from marble statues, and the scale of a large canvas in galleries. Viewing art on a phone or a laptop provides a much different perspective.

Rather than looking at art on Instagram, we visit museums to learn about it in person in the context of a gallery.

7. It Supports Gallery Owners

The commission is the primary source of income for the majority of gallery owners. The commission is the percentage of the sale price of the art piece that the owner/gallery keeps, with the remainder going to the artist. It varies from gallery to gallery, but on average, it is around 40–50 percent, though I have seen commission as low as 10% and commission as high as 70%. The commission varies according to the gallery’s expenses, the level of service provided, and the reputation of both the artist and the gallery. Some galleries, for example, charge an exhibition fee and thus take a lower commission, whereas others charge no upfront costs but have a higher commission structure.

8. Opportunities for Art Schools and Institutes

It’s obvious that if more and more art galleries, in Islamabad, are opened then people will be intrigued to learn more about it, whether it’s painting, pottery, textile embroidery, or anything else. This will, of course, attract more people towards the dying art schools and institutes. Art know-a-days is only associated with those few people who either have an artistic background or with those who are born rich, with a golden spoon in their mouth, Because these are the people who are interested in artwork and buy them. And the people who buy artworks are very few so, when people are well-aware of arts and its benefits, it will help a lot of people.

9. Promotes Tourism and the Economy

Fine art galleries can serve as cultural hotspots within a city, attracting art enthusiasts and tourists to both the art galleries and the city as a tourist destination. Bringing tourists to these art galleries can help the local economy. Art lovers, for example, eat at local restaurants, go to live shows and stay in hotels. As a result, this behavior stimulates the local economy and, as a result, creates more local jobs.

10. Entertainment!!!

Last but not least, Art is a complete source of Fun. Yes you heard that right! All contemporary art necessitates is that you devote some time to it. Learn about it. See yourself in it, for better or worse. The procedure is enjoyable. Art teaches us about ourselves and reveals who we are to ourselves. You’ll have a great time if you enjoy self-examination. If not, go to a couple of galleries anyway. Give it a try. Keep moving if you don’t like the show in a particular gallery. Go to another gallery. Life truly is an “all you can eat” buffet. Art galleries are, too. You can select the art that you enjoy and want to spend time with. Have fun.


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